Speaking G(r)eek?

Speaking G(r)eek?
April 17, 2007 No Comments Uncategorized Fady Eldeiry

After working with technology, I realized that we can’t just sit in front of the computer all day living as geeks. We’re going to run out of motivation real fast if we do this.

We need to start building relationships with our leadership. Instead of thinking we have the solution for the problems, we should dialogue with them on the solution. They actually have the solution. What we’re doing, is partnering with them to make the solution effective.

In order to get this done right, we must realize that speaking geek will not take us anywhere but frustrated. It’s important to use a language that makes sense to everyone else. Speaking the leader’s language is a practice and a training exercise that gets better each time we go and learn it. We exercise by conversation with leader, gaining their respect, gaining their trust, and dialoguing with them about their vision for the organization and the community around us.

When we have an important translation project, we spend extensive time with people from the culture we’re translating into. We spend time listening, learning the language and building relationships. We figure out their culture, eat their food, play their games and attend their weddings, as well as, their funerals. It takes a long time to understand why people from a differnet culture do things the way they do it. It takes a longer than average time for people from different cultures to trust others.

I believe this exercise also helps in defining us as leaders. It helps us experience relationships and respect to others. It helps us realize more and more that it’s not about us. Trying this exercise with the Bible, everytime I read the same passage over and over again, I realize something new about it. I know God more, because the more I listen to someone, the more I know them and build great relationship and trust with them.

No more speaking Geek…
Yes on speaking the Leaders’ language…!

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