Back to the Authentic

Back to the Authentic
March 29, 2007 No Comments Uncategorized Fady Eldeiry

I was watching Remembering the Titans on a bus this afternoon, and enjoyed a lot. This is the 3rd time I see the movie, but with my memory, it doesn’t matter, it’s like it was the first time all over again!

What I saw this time was people working hard on going back to the Authentic. The authentic that Erwin McManus talks about in his book Uprising. Quote below.

Denzel Washington was working hard to show everyone he was neutral. He wasn’t looking at people’s color, he was talking to them in face based on their performance, obeying his orders, and how they work with other team members.

The Associate coach (can’t remember his name) was working hard to keep his mind clear from the distractions of discrimenation and hatred. His daughter was a great help to him, like simple and innocent children, she just wanted a great game. That helped her dad stay focused on the team perfomance, which made him lose the Hall of Fame title. He lost the Hall of Fame title, but gained the true and authentic championship that came from just being dedicated to his team, and to the success of true relationships.

The team members discovered from their training session, that they actually have more in common than uncommon! They discovered they’re all people, on one team, they all know how to play good football, and they play perfectly as a team and only as a team. They started depending on each other, and protecting each other everywhere they go. Even their families started respecting them.

Once the team members and the coaches merged into healthy relationships, you could see a glimpse of the Authentic in them. It started coming out naturally because the environment around them became inviting to common community.

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