Marriage with a Vision

Marriage with a Vision
June 24, 2007 No Comments Uncategorized Fady Eldeiry

I was watching the movie “Freedom Writers” a couple weeks ago, and it was very inspiring!

One of the thoughts I had was the marriage problem between the teacher and her husband. A marriage has to have a common vision between both parties. Together, we make one; One vision for partnership, living. I believe that had both of them had a vision for reconciliation, it would’ve been a better story for their lives together. He would’ve been excited about what his wife was doing, he would’ve gone with them to the museum, etc… He would’ve been involved. Her dad was a great example of that, at first he resisted being involved because he was worried about his daughter and her security. But after a while she reminded him of his past and he realized that she’s doing the right thing.

The more important thing is, when he didn’t want to be involved, he didn’t let go of her, because loved her; he was commited to her. That was impacting to me, because we do that a lot: take sides and just ignore what our family is doing, then a gap builds until we have no clue what each other is doing anymore. We sometimes live in our own islands.

A common vision is really nice to have. That doesn’t mean we have to do everything together and get weird. It just means that we’re in tune with each other’s lives that we are passionate about we are doing. There’s lots of power in that, and lots of reconciliation. It brings people/families together where they have things in common to talk about. And when one spouse is excited about what they did this morning at work, and shares it, the other is excited about listening even if they don’t understand the specific field they’re in! We find our common vision in what we’re doing and find exciting things through our days together.

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