Team Work!

Team Work!
January 2, 2009 No Comments Featured,Technology Fady Eldeiry

I was supposed to put this up about 2 months ago, but I guess better late than never! In the begining of November, a team of 7 wonderful people went on an adventure to install and setup a VoIP phone system at a Camp in the deserts of Egypt, called Wadi Sports Camp. It was a wonderful adventure and an awesome experience.

Earlier in 2008, we officially started WePartner, a non-profit organization, to help with project management on projects that impact a local community and help build new relationships. That in itself has been an adventure of faith and excitement of what God can do when He puts a vision in front of people!

We were asked by the Camp to setup a phone system for them in their new building called “The Hotel”. From its name, it’s designed like a hotel, to host coaches from all over the world to help with sports camps for the children and youth of Egypt.

Team Phones

There are 66 rooms in the hotel, plus the reception, some offices, etc… Our team met weekly over gotomeeting for about 2 months to pray, eat, discuss plans, purchase equipment, assign tasks and think of whatever we could think of to accomplish this project. It was a great experience of bonding, building trust, building relationship, and building community!

When we arrived in Egypt, they spent 5 days working very hard to setup the whole system. We had 6 local professional electricians waiting to work with the team, which helped so much in the implementation. They had run cable for us already before we arrived. They also fixed whatever wasn’t testing successful. It was great to have them for prompt response.

Terminating Wires
Cultures Building Community

It was great to have a local team work with our team from the USA. Building community among them was an awesome experience. They learned from each other new skills in technology and electrical. They learned about each others’ cultures and built relationships among each other. They communicated with skill, since they didn’t speak each others’ languages! It was such a great experience to see the relationship being built that way. It was great to see that it’s not just about technology, or cables and phones…

The team that went from the USA was a mix of people from different backgrounds and different skills. What was common between them, was that they saw the vision and followed to the fullest of energy that they had. It was a great pleasure to get to meet each and every one of them and work with them on this project. When you travel across the ocean with people, you learn so much about each other and you take the risk of trusting each other. I would travel with them anytime!

I want to thank Jeremy Hoff and Brett Rogers for their extra dedication in leading the team and setting up for the project. I want to thank everyone who donated for this project, the team volunteered their time and paid their own way all the way to Egypt and back! The sacrifice they gave was outstanding! Also, there were individuals and organizations who donated money and equipment to accomplish this task. Thank you!

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