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I watched parts of the live court appearance of Mubarak last week.  It was a surreal experience.  This whole year, has been surreal, for that matter!

I thought a bit about the process of seeking justice.  I know some Egyptians are not in agreement with taking Mubarak to trial.  Many are feeling bad to treating him like that.  That makes me proud of the Egyptian people, there’s a sense of mercy and forgiveness in people’s hearts.

That’s amazing that people, who have been oppressed for many years by a system, can still forgive the person in charge of that system so fast!  Or maybe it is Stockholm Syndrome?  Or could it be the culture?

Justice is complicated.

God is a god of Love, Mercy and Justice.  Altogether in one!  Psalm 33:5 says, “The Lord loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love.”  Imagine a perfect being (I don’t know if we can imagine that!), who is sitting watching the world events and what people’s roles are with that.  Yesterday, I was driving behind a car that had crystal clean windshields; I thought there were none on it!  I think it’s like that with God, He can see any tiny dust that could be in the middle of that windshield!  Well, that’s why Jesus is there, so He can actually see through Him and have a relationship with us.

So, if He’s perfect, He can’t stand looking at our messy lives, He would just wipe us all out in the cleaning process, just like we wipe a windshield!  But, because He created us, He loves us, so He has mercy on us and thus Jesus is keeping us in close relationship with Him.

So, I think justice is presented in two dimensions.  One, is for every mess, there has to be cleanup.  The second dimension is that Love gets in the middle and helps make up for the mess!

The trick is that we need to believe that we can’t clean ourselves up.  When we humble ourselves, we start having faith, and with faith comes confession.  When we confess, we discover Justice and Mercy.  It’s amazing to think about all that!  Very humbling.

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