Broken Toilet!

Broken Toilet!
September 21, 2008 No Comments Uncategorized Fady Eldeiry

I’m still in London! A day later after we took off last night to go to Cairo, there was a problem with the toilet system on the plane and I guess the stink was unbearable for the people in Business class! So 40 minutes later, somewhere over Paris, the pilot let us know we’re going back to London! They put us up in a hotel, with dinner and breakfast.

I like the British people, they’re very polite and are very culturally sensitive. They do it naturally and you feel respected when you’re dealing with them.

The experience from the delay? What can you do, but I think British Airways needs a little kick in their “systematic” systems! Last night, we stood in line to get a hotel voucher, they had 5 queues, which was about 30 minutes wait. Once you got to the agent, she gave us the voucher and said to go stand in that line over there to get a bus voucher!!!! That line over there was ONE line for everyone and all you needed to do, is get yet another voucher! Tell me again, why didn’t the first agent give us both vouchers at the same time and save us the headache? Nobody knew… Except one lady who said it’s a systematic process!

I thought that was the whole point of having systematic processes, so we don’t have to stand in two lines for the same purpose. Bureaucracy at its BEST!

Well, we’ll see today how long it takes to get out of here…

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